EMPIRE777’S FIRST BRAND AMBASSADOR: The Legendary “Goldfinger”

The legendary Japanese Adult Video superstar Taka Kato, also known as the “Goldfinger”, is now the First Brand Ambassador of EMPIRE777- the Asia’s Top Online Casino.

As the first Ambassador, Taka Kato’s mission is to promote EMPIRE777 brand to its wide Asian Market. As a legend and a master, “the Goldfinger”, with his popularity across Asian market, will surely deliver and boost the anticipated golden success for EMPIRE777.

EMPIRE777 is the leading online casino in Asia, regulated and licensed by Gaming Curacao and PAGCOR offering the best gaming experience in slot games and live casino for Asian Market.

The Goldfinger meets the EMPIRE777

Meet the Legend- as the First Ambassador of EMPIRE777, Taka Kato graced the invitation and flew to visit EMPIRE777 Team’s office for an exclusive meet and greet and to know the online casino better.

Empire777 dynamic team members are “so Professional” and they have “a very nice working environment.” – This is how Taka Kato expressed his commendation and impressions to the entire team of Empire777.

During his visit, Taka Kato made sure that EMPIRE777 is a legitimate online casino and he was delighted to see how EMPIRE777 operates. Taka Kato said, “EMPIRE777 have a very impressive platform, promotions, bonuses and systematic operation that made no wonder why it is known to be Asia’s Top Online Casino and made me very confident to be the first brand ambassador”.

EMPIRE777 was humbled on Taka Kato’s admiration towards EMPIRE777 brand for being the “Best” and a “Player-friendly Casino”. Taka Kato has also shared his of views on hardship and success which the EMPIRE777 Team can use as guide in running the casino. Taka Kato believes that challenges lead to success.

Good Luck And Pleasure!

Taka Kato is most popular for his finger’s ability to bring LUCK and PLEASURE to many women which brought him success and fortune. While, EMPIRE777 is known as the Asia’s Top Online Casino that brings BEST Casino Experience to its players by offering the newest slot games, interactive live casino and the best customer service.

Taka Kato and EMPIRE777 share a common goal; to bring GOOD LUCK and GREAT FORTUNE for every player.

Choosing Taka Kato, as the First Brand Ambassador will surely bring “GOLDEN SUCCESS” and guarantees massive and fabulous surprises from Asia’s Trusted Top Online Casino!

The impressive online casino experience at EMPIRE777 is one of the reasons that convinced the “Goldfinger” to become the First Brand Ambassador.


Taka Kato enjoys EMPIRE777 especially playing the popular Japanese slot machines, live table games and a lot more to choose from.

The Best in EMPIRE777 according to the First Brand Ambassador- “You can be at EMPIRE777 anytime, anywhere since you can use it on your phone”. Taka Kato also highlighted EMPIRE777’s ability to play the slots and live casino games on mobile phones at high speed.

Taka Kato quotes, “There are many simple games that can be enjoyed in a very short time. Especially slots, I like slots. No human intervention, just a game of luck. That’s why I prefer to play simple slot games”.

Taka Kato urges casino players and even non-casino players to join EMPIRE777, play the slot games and spin with their lucky fingers taking advantage on the different payment options available. “If you have time in your hands, keep playing… but in moderation. It would be great if you could play with EMPIRE777 responsibly,” he adds while keeping in mind the safety and responsible online gambling.

Signing up with EMPIRE777 is very simple. EMPIRE777 offers a 3-step sign up process for new players to enjoy the Best Live Casino and different kinds of Bonuses for all types of players.


A boy from Akita, Japan to “Goldfinger” of Japanese AV Industry

Born in May 1, 1959 at Akita Prefecture. In 1988, Taka Kato left his hometown and went to Tokyo in pursuit for a new job. With only $200 in his pocket, he struggled to find work until his friend introduced him to the AV industry. Though which he began as a cameraman, he was eventually discovered for his lucky “Goldfinger” and became a famed porn star.

As Taka Kato said, that when he started working in the AV Industry, he didn’t thought to be famous actor and make out his fortune from the said Industry. His fingers may not be meant for using cameras but it was certainly destined for luck with money and women.

In the early 2000’s, Taka Kato’s career flourished whilst also creating a new porn category “squirting” in the industry. He guested in one of Japan’s famous series, “Kisarazu Cats Eye” where he popularized his signature pose in which he crosses his arms in front of his chest with his 2 fingers. He appeared in over 25,000 Jap AV films and pleasured over 8,500 JAV idols which led to his successful climax in his career.

source : Empire777